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What should be done with sagging emergency cables?

It’s not uncommon to see emergency cables that annoyingly hang or sag. The solution to this is rather simple. You can simply make a loop in it and twist-tie it loosely. This will not affect its function and will certainly not cause problems on the garage door’s opening or closing.

What is an astragal and what purpose does it serve?

An astragal is a weather stripping or a type of garage door bottom seal designed for insulation. It is carefully attached to prevent rain drips and drafts from entering the garage. Our garage door installation experts recommend the use of astragals also to prevent insects and unwanted critters from getting in.

In installation and replacement terms, what is a backroom?

No, it’s not some room in the garage. It is also not the garage space itself. A backroom is actually not a room but a term used to refer to the space necessary in the installation of a garage door. Required backroom is measured from the door to the back of the horizontal track.

How long will my opener work?

Typically, your opener will last for at least eight years. When you are having routine maintenance performed on your opener, it can work for up to 10 years. All of these factors will depend on how often you are opening and closing your door.

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