Replace Garage Door Panel

Replace Garage Door Panel

Replace Garage Door PanelSevere damage is the main reason why a garage door owner may have to replace garage door panel. Moisture is the main cause of damage. Greatly decayed wood panels have to be removed as the decay can spread to their neighbors and cause further damage. Corroded sheet metal panels can no longer provide the required protection from the elements and from potential intruders alike and have to be changed. Glass panels cannot be adversely affected by the weather conditions, but they can be broken. In such cases, timely replacement will restore the safety and security of the door.

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Garage door panel replacement involves the removal of the old panels and the installation of new ones. The replacement panels have to have the same size, thickness and make. Even if the new wood or metal panels are painted, the repainting of the entire door is typically required. This is because the new panel will have a much brighter color.


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